Getting Started

Ever stood on the beach all wetsuited and goggled up or been treading water in the middle of the first line of your 300 closest friends and thought “Holy crap! I don’t know how to swim!”

The next think you hear is “3…2…1” and an air horn.  And then it is a little to late to worry about whether you know how to swim or not.

Most of the time, you get knocked around. Kicked and elbowed. Maybe you even lose your goggles. Or, maybe you catch the feet of the straightest open water swimmer the world has ever seen and you cruise to the first turn full of confidence.

Of course, most of the time neither of those scenarios happen.  You’re somewhere between a bar fight in a lake and aquatic bliss. And by 400 meters in everything is sorted you catch your rhythm and your breath, and you have a pretty decent swim.

So as I write this – and try to figure out how the hell WordPress works and how to record decent sounding audio – I feel kind of like I’m on the line right before the horn goes off.  It’s a little scary, very exciting, and it will almost certainly work out in the end.

I hope it’s fun, that you’ll join me for the ride, and that there will be beer at the finish line.

There’s the horn. Time to get 1(5)

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