An Interview with Nadia El-Awady

This week’s episode covers a lot of ground, almost all of it uphill. I talk with Nadia El-Awady about her first full Ironman last fall, how she balances the demands of her personal and professional commitments with her adventures, and what she’ll be doing during 2018.

I also talk about doping, how a recent USADA ruling has a lot of people in my local triathlon community talking, and how I would love to know what you think about doping in triathlon. Please consider dropping me a line if you have thoughts. I’m looking to pull together some comments and interviews for a future show.

Lastly, the Super Strava Segment returns with an uphill vengeance this week as we visit the second category climb that leads to what may be the world’s most heavily guarded vacation home.

It’s a long episode, but well worth the listen.

Resources in this episode:

Nadia El-Awady’s blog, Inner Workings of My Mind

Super Strava Segment: Camp David Climb

1 thought on “An Interview with Nadia El-Awady

  1. Rebecca M. Jones February 3, 2018 — 2:37 pm

    Great interview! Thanks for sharing this.
    Re: doping… I’m in the camp of “better living through chemistry”. On the level of biochemistry, some people already have an advantage because of genetics. Supplements and doping can be seen as external adjustments to level the field. Of course, they also make the best even better. I dislike the common reason given “doping isn’t fair” … life isn’t fair, genetics isn’t fair, we are not equivalent robots competing. And this is a good thing. So why not embrace the unfairness and focus on making yourself your own best?


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